• Wisetank Tracker

    The easier way to keep your isotank Tracking

    Lower cost and higher efficiency!

  • Powerful combination of wisetank platform and tracker

    Let intelligence connect to your tank container management!

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  • Wisetank Tracker

    It is a customized Telematics product from Tanklink Company, integrated into our Self-researched Wisetank Platform (Isotank cooperation management software platform),serving for professional "Digital Operations Management" of tank container industry.

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  • WiseTank Tracker Features

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    • Support "Global Position"
    • Support "Temperature Monitoring"
    • Support "Pressure Monitoring"
    • Support "Level Monitoring"


    • Size: 100*68*50mm/155*100*50mm
    • Default data pushing frequency: 4 times per day, battery life more than 8 years;
    • Battery Capacity: 19,000 ma (Customizable according to requirements)
    • Software platform is free to us;
    • Data analysis;
    • Batteries with Explosion-proof.
  • Platform Features

    1.Global location tracking online


    2.Equipment management


    3.Order management


    4.File management


    5.Data analysis management


    6.Authority management

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    Tracking Online

    • Support GPS,BDS,LBS,BLE and other kinds of positioning ways.
    • Automatically choose the most suitable positioning way according to the environmen (road,depot and ship space etc) to balance the function and cost system.
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    Tank Management

    •  Digitalize tank equipment at full rage,recording the equipment origins specification datas,year-Test date,Tank parts information,tank using setup and valid setup etc.
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    Order Management

    • Visualize order transfer time.
    • Latest position information of tank.
    • Record and reflect order process time change/position/person in charge change correctly.
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    File Management

    • Support to upload file with no limit of format and size.
    • Office file/PDF/picture preview on line.
    • Support"secret"and"public"of folder created,to secure file access.
    • Cloud storage,access and check any time.
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    Report Management

    • Default creation of many management report :order Report,depot storage report,tank status,arrival form,detention cost ,weekly report etc.
    • Support to design form by user defined,satisfy your any business data management demand.
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    Authority Management

    • Default definitions of administrator/MR/customer service etc
    • Support new user for different authority /character define,for example external client,agent etc.
    • Fine control of data operation authority of web page and press button.
  • Only need 4 steps to make your Isotank intelligent


    Creat A New Isotank On Wisetank

    Input basic information of the iso tank like tank number,purchase management,equipment list,order detail,file sharing,report file etc..


    Bundling Wisetank Tracker

    Setup wisetank tracker ID connect wisetank software Platform By the way of API.


    Tracing Isotank Online

    Login on Wisetank.Cn,Visualize tank distribution,check the position and route history timely with your team together.


    Isotank Management Data Analysis

    Digitalize Iso tank status,equipment and operation management.

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